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Our menu


Toast Skagen (L)* 14€
Hand peeled shrimps and toasted bread

Escargots* 14€
Parmesan cheese, garlic butter, escargots and roasted bread

Artichoke pan* 14€
Parmesan cheese and garlic butter gratinated artichoke and roasted bread

Salmon soup (L)* 12€ / 18€
Rainbow trout, cold smoked salmon and archipelago bread


Burger (L)* 20€
Finnish beef patty 160g, salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, cheddar cheese, French fries and aioli

Vegan burger* (L, G) 20€
Beyond beef, salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, marinated red onion, vegan cheddar cheese and aioli and French fries

Wienerschnitzel (L) 28€
Veal steak, roasted potatoes, capers-anchovy butter and pea sprouts

Season risotto (G) 23€
Harvest season veggies

Port´s salad (L,G) 18€
Pickled cucumber, tomato, green salad, pickled red onion and seasons vegetables
with chicken or mozzarella


Lime posset (L,G) 10€
Fresh berries

Basil cake and strawberry (L) 12€
With vanilla ice creme

Ice Cream (L,G) 5€ / 7€ / 9€

More information of allergens and food preparation from the staff
Marked foods available also as gluten free
Keeping in mind that food preparations are made in gluten environmental kitchen